Help Needed with Aero Peek Tab Previews

written 13 Jan 2010
Bug 522262 is one of the more important blocking bugs for turning Aero Peek on for the next version of Firefox (with a slight chance of backporting to 3.6). I am having trouble determining the cause and reliably reproducing it on my machine. As some of you may know, I am a fulltime graduate student (school takes priority) and my Windows 7 laptop is suffering from intermittent (but frequent) screen corruption (it is becoming increasingly difficult to fix). For both of these reasons, I have not been able to work on the taskbar tab preview feature for the last 2.5 months. If you have experience debugging on Windows and would like to help out by determining the cause (or even a fix!), please feel free to do so! I would be very thankful for any assistance in tracking down the cause. And if there are other Aero Peek bugs that interest you (for example, this bug should be fairly easy to fix), by all means please take a stab at them.